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Let’s learn from nature

The observation of nature teaches us that, in a balanced ecosystem, all living organisms are able to grow, reproduce and defend themselves. Plants for example, although anchored to the ground, activate particular mechanisms to grow even in difficult or adverse conditions. Adverse conditions, however, inevitably limit the activities of plants in the production of fruits, in their size and quality and make them more susceptible to attack by pathogens.

These reaction mechanisms are connected to the so-called secondary metabolism. Vital activities, instead, such as photosynthesis, respiration and production of carbohydrates, are all part of its primary metabolism.

Secondary metabolism is practically responsible for all interaction activities of the plant with the surrounding environment and also for the production of compounds and substances that allow the plants to “communicate” with each other, to defend themselves from adversity,to reproduce and more generally to develop and produce in less than ideal conditions.

The mechanisms of secondary metabolism ensure the survival of the plant. Optimum development is the expression of a continuous balance between primary metabolism, closely connected to the “plant life”, and secondary metabolism which is responsible for “interaction with the environment”.

ILSA, selecting and analysing many plant species, identified several substances that, when extracted in an appropriate manner, can contribute to the creation of products which have effect on the primary and/or secondary metabolism.

From plants for plants

“From plants for plants” is the philosophy that inspires VIRIDEM® programme.

The identification,
isolation, purification and analysis of the metabolites and natural substances we were interested in required years of work and was possible thanks to the use of technologies, instrumental techniques and very specific skills. Agronomists, biotechnologists, biochemists, chemists and engineers worked together using the latest molecular biology, microbiology, proteomics, metabolomics, physiology, chemistry and bio-processing knowledge.

This new way is open, new products are ready and many more will be available in the coming years because research by ILSA, consistent with its operating philosophy, “to strive for continuous improvement” never stops.