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Enzyme hydrolysys

Idrolisi-enzimaticaHydrolysis consists in the cleavage of chemical bonds as a result of the addition of water and can be of the thermal type (with the aid of heat only), chemical (with the help of chemical substances at high temperatures), enzymatic (with the help of enzymes typically at temperatures below 60°C) or mixed (chemical and enzymatic).

When hydrolysis is applied to a protein substance we speak of protein hydrolysis, which results in amino acids, peptides and polypeptides.

Enzymatic hydrolysis of proteins, a process carried out by ILSA, is characterised by its ability to produce amino acids in a predominantly left-handed form, a form biologically more active and useful for plants.

The vegetable raw material is dispersed in water inside reactors of the TSR type (Top Stirred Reactor) equipped with temperature, weight and pH control. Successively, we introduced the enzyme pool composed of specific proteolytic enzymes (which cut proteins) and cellulolytic enzymes (which break down cellulose present in biomass and facilitate the rupture of the cell wall assembly which is found in plant cells).

The reaction mixture thus obtained is continuously stirred and maintained at the most suitable temperature and kept under these conditions for about 12 hours. After the enzymatic reaction, the
liquid suspension is conveyed to the centrifugation and filtration stages.

The liquid fraction is subjected to evaporation in a forced circulation, triple effect, vacuum concentrating plant until it reaches the desired concentration. In the latter stage, deactivation of the enzymatic pool takes place simultaneously. After further filtration, the product, stabilized, clear and free of sediment substances, is sent for final storage. All the products manufactured using this process are characterised by their tendency towards neutral pH.

This fully automated process is carried out in a sterile environment.